Hey Summer, it was nice knowing you hun.

Well wasn't that short lived. A week and a half of sheer bliss/hell in the form of a very British summer. An entire country engulfed in the most incredible of sunshine, it was fun whilst it lasted.

For our small interval of intense heat, I took full advantage and whacked out a variety of totes appropz summer get-ups to truly make the most of our ever-so unpredictable week of summer.

Last week Manchester was INSANELY hot and it was completely wonderful to see my beloved city looking better than ever awash with sunshine which worked to intensify the colourful streets of Manchester. The Mancunians we came into contact with were happier than ever (and that's saying something, we're a happy ole bunch) and all was well in our lovely little Mancunian bubble.


Cold shoulder tops are everywhere this season; got a brand in mind and you can bet your bottom dollar they'll be indulging in this summer's hottest trend. I personally really like this trend as I find that my décolletage and shoulder regions to be the thing I like the most about myself. Showcasing this part of your body is a really feminine thing; a touch of sexiness if you will, whilst still being oh so demure in a really cool and edgy way. Throw in some serious clashing which, in my case, are these striped shorts; and your legs and chest fashion faux pas is levelled out into a more geek-chic/ I got dressed in the dark kinda vibe... My failsafe to make those pesky builders look the other way, genius huh? 




So there we have it, another little styling tip for y'all to bare in mind, two in one week RESULT!(read about my other tip here)

x M




So I must say, I am rather the facial cleanser connoisseur as of late, well, when it comes to knowing what my face likes anyway.
I've tried and tested a fair few in my time now and am rather proud of my somewhat hefty and ever growing cleanser collection. 

One evening whilst deciding upon which cleanser to embrace my face with that night, I had a thought, a thought to share three of my must have cleansers with you. This blog is predominantly fashion based but fashion isn't my only passion. Whether it's skincare, make up, music or food, I want pagesbymegan to be a place for all my passions to live, and you guys know by now that when I like something... I really like something, so why the heck wouldn't I tell you about these three totally awesome cleansers that you both need and MUST get on your face and in your life RN!


So without further ado, I present to you my holy mother of all facial cleansers, Liz Earle's Hot Cloth Cleanse & Polish. Now I know I've talked about this baby before and I know we all know just how awesome it is but I come with a slightly different angle this time.

Not only Is Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish seriously gentle, refreshing and the when it comes to removing make up and leaving your face feeling oh-so-clean, but Liz Earle is also a bad-ass bish when it comes to rectifying the MESS that other cleansers, creams, lotions and potions have done to your rather sensitive and occasionally pimple-prone skin.

As I said above, I've tried out a large number of cleansers since puberty hit and some haven't been all that good for my poor face. I mentioned in this post here that Liz Earle brought my skin back from the deep, dark valley of heartbreak inparticular the heartbreak diet where I simply ate chocolate and chocolate alone for two weeks solid, but Liz Earle has been my absolute go-to for restoring my skin back to it's former glory after using one two many new products that weren't quite right for me. 

Whether I've been to a festival and only taken facial wipes, a long haul flight that has done nothing for the hydration in my skin, or simply testing out new products, I can always count on my trusty Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser to be the light at the end of the terrible skin tunnel.



Next up we have the newest of the bunch with the Eve Lom Cleanser.
A bit of a cult classic in it's own right but something I never really got on board with due to it's ever-so-slightly-out-of-my-budget price tag. However, when Space NK were offering an epic goodie bag bundle when spending £150 or more I was rather excited indeed to find this cult cleanser hiding inside. 

A good 6 months on and I still have the same 50ml cleanser in my stash, a little really does go a long way with this baby. 
This cleanser is a lot more luxe than that of Liz Eale, with it's extremely silky and oily consistency it is the perfect cleanser to break down make up from the off. As soon as the just larger than pea sized amount hits my skin I can feel it set to work on breaking down all make up from the day, something that is ever so satisfying indeed. 

With three swoops of a warm muslin cloth across my face my skin always tingles and ALWAYS feels oh-so deliciously smooth, silky and seriously hydrated and dewy. 
It's fast become a skincare fave of mine and now the £55 price tag doesn't seem so ridiculous after all.



And last but certainly not least we have the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm, a little beauty I must say. I succumbed to the Take The Day Off Balm after hearing Sammi talk so highly of it in one of her videos and to this day (it must be a year now) I still reach for it on a weekly basis to give my face the biggest dose of hydration.

I find that this cleanser is my most refreshing of all and really gives my skin a drink when I use it. You know that awful tight skin feeling you get sometimes after taking your make up off? Well, say goodbye to that feeling as this little baby does no such thing. 

Similarly to the Eve Lom Cleanser the Clinique Take The Day Off Balm is of an oily consistency so really works to break down the days make up, it transforms from a balm into a silky fluid oil on application so really is a complete treat for my skin.
As a slightly cheaper alternative but with a heck load more product (125ml) I would highly recommend this cleanser if you're looking for something seriously refreshing indeed.


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So there we have my top three cleansers that I reach for on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. These three little babies also work together really well using the Clinique or Eve Lom as a first cleanse and the Liz Earle as a second, they're a little match made in heaven and I would whole-heartedly suggest you get on board with them.

Please, if you have any other cleanser recommendations then do drop them in the comments below, whats another cleanser amongst friends?

x M


P.S You can see my morning beauty routine using the Liz Earle Cleans & Polish in my latest YouTube video here.







Balance, it's a tricky thing to crack.
Whether that be balancing work and play, family and friends or simply the amount of chocolate cake you consume in comparison to vegetables; balance is something I'm forever striving to get just right.

Balance is also something I like to achieve when it comes to styling. A dash of this here, a sprinkle of that there and voila, a grade A look is achieved.
Styling for me is something I like to call fash maths, it's all an equation; get the proportions correct and you're in for a sartorial treat.



Take this look for example; a stereotypical "Megan Ellaby" get-up. Wearing my trusty denim dungarees there is a clear boyish overriding vibe to the look with accents of femininity thrown in with a ruffled sheer blouse by Sister Jane and some serious embellishments in the form of a cluster of brooches adorning the front patch pocket of the dungarees.
Combinations like this are a sure fired way to making me feel confident with my style choices, balancing boyish pieces with feminine touches is something I have always championed and something I feel I always will. 
With my fash math formula in mind it's two parts masculine to every one part feminine. 

Dungarees + Ruffled Blouse + Loafers + Brooches = SUCCESS!


The metallic loafers have a distinct masculine feel to them, albeit in a more feminine antique gold finish, however, throw in the Gucci Dionysus bag with it's chunky, almost gothic metal wear the mathematical fashion formula is balanced once more.

I would love to hear if you have any equations that you subconsciously think of when you're getting ready in a morning, let's share our fash math love and all become styling grade A students together. 

x M




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Accessories, oh sweet, glorious accessories! 
In all honesty for the majority of my life I've never really been all that big on the whole accessories vibe; often opting for simplicity and letting my clothes do the talking, well that was until now.

This summer has seen me completely and utterly succumb to the power of the accessory, I am well and truly on the accessory band wagon and I am loving the update it is giving some of my much loved looks and clothing pieces. 

I've discussed in this video here, my love for the accessory and in particular my top five accessories for this summer, something I plan to do seasonly from now on as I have a funny feeling this love will be here to stay, once you accessorise you never go back, or something like that.



You've already seen my love for a statement pair of sunglasses or a socks and sandal affair blossom since I started my blog three and a half years ago now but the latest accessory hype comes in the form of neckwear, in-particular the bolo tie. 

Bolo ties are simply a type of necktie consisting of a piece of cord or braided leather with decorative metal tips, commonly associated with Western wear. They're the latest accessory to take the fashion world by storm and are rather surprisingly easy to incorporate into a look.




Whether it's simple T-shirts that need that added bit of sass, collared dresses and shirts or simply a strapless of low cut top that needs that little bit of interest on the ole chest area, bolo ties really do work with everything to give it that much needed styling touch.

The one I'm wearing here today is by Rock n Rose, aka the mother of all trend-based jewellery haunts. Rock n Rose are my go-to's when I need something extra special and extra funky to sass up my looks, they're always totally on point and totally on the ball when it comes to the must have piece of jewellery for the season and I would highly reccomend you add them to your browsers favourites as you never know when you could need them.

I'll be sharing another look very soon where the Bolo Tie and Rock n Rose come to my rescue once again, so do stay tuned for that. 


x M






I must say, I've been really excited to write and to share this post with you lovely lot. It's been a long time coming but I finally get to write about the incredible chef/musical duo Terry & George, and by George, yes I do mean my George... How exciting.

Terry & George, who are also known as the brains behind Check On are a lil chef duo specialising in pop-up restaurants and having more recently released their debut cook book Feeding Friends. Having in the past focused more heavily on pop-up's in London, they have ventured up North to Leeds for their very first Northern pop-up. 

I attended last week with my family and some really close friends and I honestly cannot tell you how spectacular it was; a real night to remember and one of those nights that I already wish I could go back to. 

Great food, great tunes and the most amazing hospitality; with one huge banquet table, and both Terry & George serving the food and explaining, in detail, each and every course. It was such an attentive and beautiful service with old friends, strangers and now new friends all getting to know each other and bonding over a cracking dining experience. 


On arrival we were greeted by a seriously warm welcome... Gorgeous George on the floor and Terry working away in the kitchen and a variety of guests who had heard of the pop-up in publications such as The Times and The Yorkshire Post. 
The table was laid in true "Feeding Friends" style, yellow and black. Yellow napkins laid on top of black table cloths with the menu of the night featuring our eight courses placed in the middle between home made yellow candles, a really gorgeous ambience which is one thing I feel T&G do oh so well.

Whilst the guests mingled and got to know one another the awesome Hello Operator, a badass rock n roll band from York and a current fave band of mine, began to play acoustically which added to the vibe all the more.




If you know anything about Terry & George it's that they know how to throw the perfect dinner party, realising that it's not just about the food (although they do that pretty well too) 
Music is a huge part of any evening affair and what I love so much about the Feeding Friends book and ethos is that there is a handpicked playlist that works with each chapter that you can follow on Spotify to give your dinner party the ultimate Terry & George vibe. 

So for our night in Leeds, T&G treated us to a live acoustic performance by Hello Operator, a killer soundtrack which included Fleetwood Mac, Colin Blunstone, Crosby Stills & Nash, Bowie and more, with a very special acoustic performance by George himself, it was truly magical and went oh so perfectly with each and every course.



So now for the food, eight course's of sheer perfection. Classic dishes with a very special Terry & George touch. Those boys really know how to take a British favourite and really sass it up in a way that has never been done before.

For example, take your classic British fish and chips and make it mini. Ditch your cod or haddock for scollops, turn your chips into matchstick fries and lay it on a bed of the most naughty and delicious, creamy and tasty mushy peas you have ever tried, that's the Terry & George effect. 

Ham sandwiches OH HELLO NO! Try smoked pulled ham with apricot jam and soda bread, sounds totally random but honest to goodness this for me was the surprise dish of the night, an ultimate fave of mine and one I will definitely be trying out at home using my Feeding Friends recipe book.

Other starter or appetisers included "Piggy croquettes" which are as good as they sound, all finished off with toffee, apple sauce and coriander and "Crabbucino" which was simply sensational, a warm shot of crab "soup"(don't quote me on that) with a deliciously frothy top completed with fennel and roe dust, out of this world awesome and oh so innovative. 

For the mains, guests could select from "Our Kid" a dish of goat with green sauce, tomato, marrow and crumb or "Me bird" which was as before but this time with chicken... Duh. I personally love these super fun and classic northern names for the dishes, just another T&G touch which definitely didn't go unnoticed.

Five courses down it was now time for a desert or three. 
A Gin & Tonic ice lolly to start the desert course, followed by a beautifully refreshing dish named "Strawbs", summer berries, basil and spicy vanilla cream. 
But my fave of the deserts was the final dish of the evening barbequed pineapple with rum, toffee, coconut and chamomile cream... So summery and oh so tasty.


I had SUCH a wonderful evening dining with Terry & George and would seriously urge you to take advantage of their other pop up nights if you fancy an evening of delicious food, great music and the best vibe in town.
Terry & George nail it every time when it comes to an all round dining experience and will be popping-up throughout the country across the next few months, with more dates in Leeds, London and Scotland... To be continued ;)

x M

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